About the project


This project aims to develop a research agenda and build a research network to explore the intersection of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity rights in older age care spaces.


The project will:

Scope how religious freedoms, sexual orientation rights and gender identity protections intersect in UK care services for older people, and what the tensions and Equality Act 2010 implications may be.

Identify what needs to be understood about the navigation of religious freedoms and sexual orientation/gender identity rights in UK older age care.

Develop a collaborative network involving key actors (policy makers, service commissioners, care providers, older LGBT+ people, their families /friends, and LGBT+ organisations) to be involved in a full-scale research grant application to investigate these issues in depth.


At the end of the project, the plan is to:

Produce an end-of-project report, which will be sent to relevant people and organisations and will be downloadable from this website;

Produce a policy report which will be also sent to relevant people and organisations and will again be downloadable from this website;

Have written two peer-reviewed journal articles (one is currently already under development), based on an initial literature review, links to which will be made available on this website;

Submit a full grant application, informed by this project’s findings, and supported by the collaborative network establish during this project.